Aqua Splash Bath Salt



Aqua Splash Bath Salt bath salt is picked, washed and sorted carefully by hand from the mountains of the Himalayas, so that the natural essence is not lost.

We ensure to keep the natural ingredients intact, which makes our bath salt a very effective remedy for the control and eradication of stress, tiredness, insomnia, arthritis, aches, muscle spasms, skin conditions, and fatigue. It is a proven ancient remedy and has been used for thousands of years by the Romans.
Adding salt crystals to your bath relieves you from pain and aches. The natural, chemical-free, untreated and unscented bath salt is also good for one’s skin. It softens the skin, cleans the pores and detoxifies the body.

Aqua Splash Bath Salt Crystal Rock is quite popular amongst the health conscious people. It is also used in health spas, beauty spas, salons, massage therapy, health clubs, and hydrotherapy treatment facilities.
The Bath Salt Rock sizes used by HubSalt, for this application, vary from 2 mm to 4 inches. Recently, a new soap size has been introduced which has become quite popular amongst our customers. We have different packaging options for our customers.

Weight 0.25 kg