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Pink Himalayan Salt Flakes

Gourmet Salt Flakes have a delicate soft texture ideal for usage as a finishing salt. Sprinkle these salt flakes on your food and witness how the flavor is enhanced without being overpowered.

It has been obtained from 250 million years old Himalayan Rock Salt brine which is evaporated similarly to the natural process through which fleur de sel is produced. The brine is spread on large pans to evaporate the water and then crystallized very carefully in our greenhouses. Extra precautions are taken during this procedure to ensure that the crystal structure of the salt is perfect. The brine develops into crystals slowly and gradually. When the brine has crystallized then the pyramids are hand-picked to ensure that only the perfectly formed pyramids are selected. The process ends up with pyramids that are 100% natural and have a light pink color. The famous range of trace minerals found in this salt, such as iron, magnesium, potassium & calcium, results in its beautiful range of colors, from white to varying shades of pink & red.

This delicate gourmet salt is harvested by hand. It is not refined nor processed and does not contain any additives. These are harvested carefully by hand and dried in the sun. The result is the finest pink salt flakes, mildly salty and with a crispy consistency. The pink rock salt flakes are a perfect finger salt for after-salting at the table. But rock salt flakes are also perfect for steaks, salads, fish and seafood. The flakes are free from slight bitterness that most table salts have and possess a very unique and sharp taste to the palate. These flakes are known to be more delicate and subtle in flavor than the world renowned fleur de sel. The flakes are 100% natural unrefined which is why they have a high mineral content.

Pink flakes are the ideal seasoning choice for preparation of all gourmet foods and also to be used as a finishing salt to give the food a very subtle but exceptional flavor. Flakes are a perfect choice to be used as a finishing salt as these dissolve straightaway upon coming into contact with the food.

Though the pink flakes would certainly add a nice visual element. The flakes have a lightness about them that makes you want to waft them onto nearly any dish that craves an extra “something,” whatever the origin of the cuisine. On a pragmatic level, the flake form of the salt makes it easy to use; it sticks and stays wherever you sprinkled it on.

Pink Salt Flakes are a highly unique and innovative product, developed due to the committed efforts of our R&D and production team. We worked very hard to develop a product that possessed the great texture of salt flakes combined with the minerals in pink Himalayan Salt.

Our pink salt flakes encompass all the vital characteristics of sea salt flakes like the soft flaky texture and delicate flavor; together with all the added benefits associated with pink Himalayan salt. We are the only company in Pakistan to be producing these much sought after pink salt flakes. To deliver the highest quality Himalayan pink salt on the market, all of HubSalt’s Himalayan salt is carefully and ethically mined, guaranteed authentic.

HubSalt works on its best to provide a premium product, meticulously packaged. Approved and dispatched by a very diligent team of QA and QC in our company, giving every attention to detail so that the consumers get the first hand benefits and taste from the pink flakes. As a top selling Salt company in Pakistan we offer a huge variance of Salt not just for domestic use as well as for industrial usage. It is important to mention that this is the first time ever in the history of the salt world that such pink salt flakes are in the market thanks to the dedicated team efforts of our R&D as well as production teams that they has made the existence of this tremendous product possible.

Simply the highest quality & most delicious unadulterated Himalayan pink salt possible.