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Compressed Himalayan Pink Salt Blocks 2kgs


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Compressed Himalayan Pink Salt Blocks are not only better replacements in terms of longevity but also in terms of organic and mineral concentration, being formed over 250 million years ago as a direct result of massive geological changes and earthquakes that trapped ancient oceans beneath the earth’s crust. These trapped oceans, over the course of roughly 250 million years, crystallized and formed Rock Salt and we have made this ancient rock salt available to supplement the varied dietary needs of living beings. Compressed Himalayan Pink Salt Blocks by HubSalt are 100% natural products created for cattle as well as horses. They contain 84 Minerals and traces that are essentials for humans and for cattle at all life stages. They are a convenient and ideal source of bio-energetics resource for all animals and livestock such as horses, cows, buffalo, camels, sheep, goats, pet, zoo & wild animal. They have several benefits:

  • Decreases stressful behaviors such as constant licking, chewing on fences
  • Enhances cattle digestibility
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Optimizes rumen fermentation
  • Ideal source of bio-energetics
  • Increases milk yields by 5-15% (12.8%)
  • Helps animals develop shiny & healthy coats
  • Helps harden the hooves of animals
  • Restores salt lost by animals via sweating in hot climates
  • Increase in the threshold at which animals/horses sweat with exercise
  • Reduces animal drowsiness
  • Increases feed intake
  • Increases animal weight
  • Increased farm efficiency & productivity


Weight 2 kg