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HubSalt Premium Dishwasher Salt for Sparkling Clean Dishes – Fine and Coarse-1kg


About this item

  • 99% PURITY: Dishwasher Salt gives your dishwasher 100% better protection from limescale residues
  • SOFTENS HARD WATER: The premium quality salt softens hard water for superior cleaning
  • UNBEATABLE SHINE: Prevents spots and water marks to give unbeatable shine to the dishes



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Premium Dishwasher Salt for Sparkling Clean Dishes – Fine and Coarse

Ensure your dishwasher performs at its best with our premium dishwasher salt, available in both fine and coarse options. Designed to enhance the efficiency and lifespan of your dishwasher, our dishwasher salt guarantees spotlessly clean dishes every time.


1. Pure and Effective:  Our dishwasher salt is 100% pure and free from impurities. It’s specifically formulated to prevent limescale buildup in your dishwasher’s interior, spray arms, and heating element, ensuring optimal performance.

2. Crystal Clear Results: Say goodbye to streaks, film, and cloudy glassware. Choose between our fine and coarse options to suit your dishwasher’s needs. Both types of work in tandem with your dishwasher’s detergent to soften water, allowing it to clean your dishes more effectively, resulting in sparkling, spotless results.

3. Long-Lasting Performance: Each pouch of dishwasher salt contains a generous quantity to last you for multiple cycles. You won’t have to worry about frequent refills, saving you time and effort.

4. Universal Compatibility: Our dishwasher salt is compatible with all dishwasher brands and models. Whether you have a high-end dishwasher or a standard one, our salt will optimize its performance.

5. Easy to Use: Simply add the right type and amount of salt to your dishwasher’s salt reservoir. It’s a hassle-free process that takes seconds to complete.


– Prolongs the life of your dishwasher by preventing limescale buildup.
– Ensures your dishwasher operates at peak efficiency, saving you on energy and water bills.
– Protects your dishes, glassware, and flatware from mineral deposits and unsightly spots.
– Reduces the need for expensive dishwasher repairs and maintenance.


– Quantity: 1kg per pouch
– Composition: 100% pure dishwasher salt
– Types Available: Fine and Coarse
– Compatibility: Compatible with all dishwasher brands and models

Directions for Use:

1. Locate your dishwasher’s salt reservoir.
2. Choose between our fine and coarse options based on your dishwasher’s requirements.
3. Open the pouch and carefully pour the recommended amount of the selected salt type into the reservoir. Refer to your dishwasher’s manual for specific instructions.
4. Close the reservoir securely.
5. Run your dishwasher as usual.

Safety Information:

– Keep this product out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place, away from moisture.
– This dishwasher salt is not edible and should not be ingested. In case of accidental ingestion, seek medical attention immediately.

Please note that while our dishwasher salt is compatible with most dishwashers, it’s essential to consult your dishwasher’s manufacturer guidelines and manual to ensure the appropriate usage of salt. Additionally, the effectiveness of the fine or coarse option may vary depending on your dishwasher’s specific requirements. Always follow your dishwasher’s recommended maintenance procedures.

Invest in the best for your dishwasher’s longevity and impeccable cleaning performance. Order our dishwasher salt today and choose between fine and coarse options to suit your dishwasher’s unique needs. Enjoy the convenience of consistently clean and spotless dishes.

Note: The safety information is crucial to ensure customers are aware of the need to keep the product away from children and emphasize that it is not for consumption. Safety is a top priority when handling household products.



Weight 1 kg

Fine, Coarse