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HubSalt Vacuum Dried Salt-800g


  • Hubsalt Vacuum Dried Salt is perfect for various food-related industries like bakery, confectionary, spices, pickles, and cheese.
  • The salt is 100% residue-free and free-flowing, ensuring a pure taste.
  • HubSalt aims to be a world-class leader in the salt manufacturing industry, providing high-quality and hygienic edible salt products.

Introducing Hubsalt Vacuum Dried Salt, the perfect ingredient for all your culinary needs. Our salt undergoes a meticulous vacuum drying process, ensuring that it is completely free from any moisture or residue. This guarantees pure taste and superior quality in every use.

The free-flowing texture of Hubsalt Vacuum Dried Salt makes it easy to use for cooking, baking, seasoning, and even in food-related industries such as bread making, confectionary, cereals, bakery, spices, pickles, cheese and more.

We at HubSalt are committed to providing our customers with only the finest quality salt. Our edible salt products are residue-free and are produced according to strict hygiene and quality standards. Our 800g pouch ensures superior freshness and easy storage in your kitchen.

Choose Hubsalt Vacuum Dried Salt for its pure taste and superior quality in all your culinary endeavors.

Weight 0.8 kg