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Organic Secrets-Himalayan Pink Salt Shaker-750G


  • Pink Salt Fine grain is a natural and unrefined salt that contains 84 minerals and trace elements.
  • Organic Secrets is a brand that offers high-quality and organic products sourced from the Himalayan mountains.
  • The shaker packaging is convenient and easy to use.
  • The weight of the product is 750g, which is enough for several months of use.

Himalayan Pink Salt is considered as the purest salt on earth as it is free from all toxic pollution.
Organic Secrets Himalayan Pink Salt Shaker-750g is 100% pure with no added chemicals or anti-caking agents like that of regular table salt.
Himalayan Rock Salt can be used on daily basis as it is free from all additives and artificial iodine unlike table salt.

Weight 0.12 kg