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Sea Whisper Shampoo


We all are aware of body detox and its benefits; just like our body, hair and scalp need a detox too!
Why you should use Sea Whisper Shampoo?!

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Sea Whisper Shampoo by HubSalt persistently targets dryness keeping the scalp solid and your hair lovely. Exceptionally designed to control slickness for effortless purifying that leaves your scalp and hair looking healthy. Also you don’t need to worry about shiny looking hair and volume thickness.

• Sea Whisper Shampoo exfoliates your scalp because of the salt thus unclogging follicles and pores.
• It washes away grime, dirt, and sebum from scalp and hair thus promoting hair growth.
• Your scalp will feel clean and healthy after using this shampoo. If you have very dry scalp, you might need to follow up with light oil or serum.
• Salt consists of minerals that nourish hair and strengthen hair follicles.
• Salt also is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal.
• Salt helps to remove dead cells, relieves an itchy scalp, and can prevent premature hair loss by allowing blood flow to circulate to the scalp, which promotes growth.

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