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HubSalt Coarse Smoked Salt Grinder Bottle-225g


  • Product: Hubsalt Smoked Salt Coarse Grain
  • Brand: Hubsalt
  • Packaging: 225g grinder bottle
  • Qualities: 100% residue free, smoked flavor
  • Made in Pakistan
  • Adds a delectable smoky crunch to dishes
  • Can be used in sweet and savory recipes
  • Unique and beautiful spice with a distinctive sweet smoky flavor
  • Comes in a handy grinder bottle for easy use
  • Adds flavor to meat and chicken as a dry rub
  • Just a pinch adds a mouthwatering seasoning
  • Elevates your dishes to a whole new level

Introducing the Hubsalt Smoked Salt Coarse Grain, now available in a convenient 225g grinder bottle. This coarse smoked salt adds a delectable toasted crunch to any dish. Made with 100% residue-free, free-flowing salt, this product is exclusive to HubSalt and made in Pakistan.

The coarse smoked salt can be used in a variety of dishes to enhance their flavors. Complement the sweetness of salted caramel ice cream or roasted peaches with bourbon syrup with this smoky salt. It’s perfect for mashed or baked sweet potatoes, potato salad, and as a finishing seasoning for rich, creamy pasta or macaroni and cheese.

The Hubsalt Smoked Salt Coarse Grain is not only delicious but also high in quality. It is 100% residue-free and free-flowing, ensuring that you get only the best. So, add this exclusive product to your kitchen and elevate your dishes to the next level with its delectable smoky flavor.

Weight 0.225 kg