HubSalt Coarse Smoked Salt Grinder Bottle


Hub Salt combines traditional, clean wood smoke flavor with sea salt to create a unique and beautiful spice. It produces a mouthwatering seasoning with a distinctive sweet smoky flavor Just add a pinch and wonder why you’ve never done it this way before!

As a dry rub for meats: Transform your homemade burger patties by adding it to your beef spice combo, Seal in the moisture and add flavor to roasted chicken. For extra brawn, use it with steak or ribs before throwing them on the grill.



As a savory to your sweet: Grind it over hot buttered popcorn or homemade toffee fudge Add a delectable toasted crunch to salted caramel ice cream. Complement the sweet and trank up the smoky by adding it to roasted peaches with bourbon syrup. On potatoes and pastas: Mash it into baked sweet potatoes or a favorite potato salad Tecipe. And for savory overload, use it as a finishing seasoning for a rich, creamy pasta or macaroni and cheese

Made in Pakistan An exclusive product of HubSalt.  Ingredients: 100% smoked salt

Weight 0.225 kg