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Himalayan Pink Salt Shaker-400g


  • Hubsalt Himalayan Pink Table Salt Shaker is made from 100% natural and unrefined Himalayan Pink Salt.
  • The 400g shaker packaging is convenient and easy to use for everyday seasoning.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt is considered one of the purest salts on earth and is free from additives and chemicals.
  • Our salt shaker is perfect for adding a touch of unique flavor and texture to your dishes.
  • Hubsalt is committed to providing high-quality, natural salt products that meet our customers’ standards of quality and hygiene.

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Introducing Hubsalt’s Himalayan Pink Table Salt Shaker, the perfect addition to your kitchen and dining table. Our salt is sourced directly from the Himalayan Mountains and is 100% natural and unrefined, ensuring that you’re getting the highest quality salt available.

The 400g shaker packaging makes it easy to sprinkle the perfect amount of salt onto your favorite dishes, from grilled meats to roasted vegetables and everything in between. Our salt is free of any additives or anti-caking agents, making it a healthier option for you and your family.

The distinctive pink color of our salt is due to the presence of minerals such as iron, calcium, and potassium, which add to the nutritional value and flavor profile of your dishes. Our salt is also free-flowing, making it easy to use and store in your kitchen.

Upgrade your cooking game with the exceptional taste and quality of Hubsalt’s Himalayan Pink Table Salt Shaker. Our commitment to providing you with the finest quality salt means that you can trust the purity and taste of every grain. Don’t settle for ordinary table salt when you can elevate your meals with our natural and unrefined Himalayan Pink Salt.

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