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HubSalt Namak Danedaar Double Refined


  • Hubsalt Namak Danedaar (Double Refined) Fine Grain Salt
  • Sourced from Tharparkar, Sindh Lake
  • Vacuum dried for a pure taste
  • Fine grain texture for a finishing touch to dishes
  • Natural ingredients, no additives
  • Healthy option
  • Convenient packaging, easy to use
  • Unique flavor profile to elevate your culinary game

Experience the ultimate savory flavor profile with Hubsalt Namak Danedaar (Double Refined) Fine Grain Salt. It’s sourced directly from the Tharparkar, Sindh Lake region, ensuring that you’re getting the highest quality salt available.

By undergoing a meticulous vacuum drying process, our salt crystals are free of any moisture and residue, delivering only pure taste to your dishes. Its free-flowing and easy-to-use formula allows for effortless cooking, baking or seasoning.

For a perfect finishing touch to your favorite dishes, you need the fine grain texture of Hubsalt Namak Danedaar (Double Refined) Fine Grain Salt. Our salt is packed with care to ensure superior freshness and easy storage in your kitchen.

We’re committed to providing our customers with the finest quality salt around, which is why we create our salt using only natural ingredients. With no added anti-caking agents or additives, our salt is an incredibly healthy option for you and your family.

Indulge in the delightful taste of Hubsalt Namak Danedaar (Double Refined) Fine Grain Salt, sourced from the pure and natural Tharparkar, Sindh Lake region. Up your culinary game with our convenient packaging that makes adding a perfect touch of flavor to your meals a breeze. Don’t settle for ordinary table salt when you can savor the unique texture and rich flavor of our high-quality salt.



Weight 0.8 kg