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Kosher Salt


Hub Pak Kosher Salt – Fine (250g)

Delicate Finishing Touch:

Hub Pak Kosher Salt – Fine is your secret weapon for adding a professional touch to your dishes. The tiny crystals dissolve quickly, allowing you to precisely season your food without overpowering the natural flavors.

  • Precise Seasoning: Sprinkle fine kosher salt over finished dishes like grilled meats, roasted vegetables, or a fresh salad for a delightful burst of flavor.
  • Quick Dissolving: The fine crystals dissolve rapidly, ensuring even distribution of salt and avoiding a salty bite.
  • Clean Flavor Profile: Free of additives, fine kosher salt enhances your food’s inherent deliciousness without introducing bitterness.

Hub Pak Kosher Salt – Fine is the perfect choice for:

  • Finishing touches on steaks, chops, and seafood.
  • Adding a touch of salt to salads, soups, and stews.
  • Enhancing the flavor of roasted vegetables.

Hub Pak Kosher Salt – Coarse (250g)

Control & Versatility in the Kitchen:

Hub Pak Kosher Salt – Coarse offers superior grip and control, making it ideal for all your cooking needs. The large crystals allow you to easily measure and season your food with precision.

  • Precise Measurement: The coarse flakes are easy to grab and sprinkle, ensuring you add the perfect amount of salt every time.
  • Brining Champion: Coarse kosher salt’s slow-dissolving nature makes it perfect for brining meats, drawing out moisture for incredibly juicy results.
  • Flavor Powerhouse: Season vegetables, soups, and stews with coarse kosher salt to draw out their natural flavors.

Hub Pak Kosher Salt – Coarse is the ultimate choice for:

  • Brining meats (chicken, turkey, fish) for maximum flavor and moisture.
  • Seasoning vegetables before roasting or grilling.
  • Creating flavorful rubs and marinades.
  • Salting soups and stews for a balanced taste.

Both Hub Pak Kosher Salt – Fine and Coarse come in convenient 250g packages for easy storage and long-lasting freshness. With these two essential salts in your pantry, you’ll be ready to take your cooking to the next level!

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