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Pink Salt Lotus Lamp


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What is Salt Lamp?

Pink Himalayan salt is used to make Himalayan salt lamps, which have become more and more popular in recent years. These lamps consist of a hollow core into which a light bulb or heat source can be inserted; when linked to a power source or battery, it emits a warm, attractive reddish-pink light. A form of salt rock crystal known as pink Himalayan salt is extracted from the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan, which are close to the Himalayan Mountain range. It is claimed that this causes the air to ionize, or discharge negative ions, which pull pollutants and other toxins to the surface of the rock and leave only pure water vapor in the atmosphere.

Health Benefits of salt lamps

The incredibly fashionable and aesthetically pleasing lamps manufactured from the finest salt on earth offer some incredible health advantages that make them worthy of beautifying your home.

  • Positive ions are thought to be the root of anxiousness, irritation, and other emotional disturbances.
  • Additionally, the salt lamps’ negative ions are said to improve overall well-being by easing tension, anxiety, and sadness.
  • It’s widely asserted that salt lamps can improve your home’s air quality.
  • Another widely held notion is that Himalayan salt lamps can lift one’s spirits.
  1. At night, you’ll sleep better.
  2. Feeling less tired.
  3. Headaches are less frequent.
  4. Relaxation levels that are higher.
  5. Congestion is reduced.
  6. An improved feeling of well-being.


  • Keep it in a dry location
  • Keep it on for at least 16 hours a day
  • Clean with a damp cloth


  • The Lamp is shrinked wrapped carefully
  • Packed in a box
  • Comes with cord and bulb

The lamp is made on pre-order, it may take 7 days for the order to be ready.

For bulk queries please contact:

Weight 4 kg


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