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Himalayan Pink Salt Shot Glasses


Bring out the Himalayan salt shot set at your next party for some tequila shots to remember! Simply fill the ‘glasses’ with tequila and serve with wedges of lime – no need for messy saucers of salt. Each glass is carved from a single piece of Himalayan pink rock salt, so as soon as the glass touches your lips you experience a mineral saltiness.

Himalayan Pink Salt Shot Glasses are pretty in pink, but don’t be fooled: These shooters can hold their tequila. Crafted from Himalayan salt, the festive glasses give your shot of tequila or mezcal a delicious, salty finish.

Bonus: Salt is naturally antibacterial and super stable, which means they’re up for multiple rounds (and fiestas). Give the set of four to your favorite party host or friend who always brings the fun.

Weight 0.5 kg