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Himalayan Pink Salt Slabs


A Himalayan salt block is a large slab of pure salt that’s been hand-mined from the Western Himalayas. It contains some 80 trace minerals—giving the slab its distinct pink color and appearance. This natural salt provides a unique and fun way to cook and serve your food while adding incredible flavor!

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Himalayan Pink Salt Slabs are unique because we use high-quality Salt Rocks, which is a key source for producing blocks that are consistent in color and fewer cracks are visible. We cut our Salt Blocks no less than 2″ thick, this dramatically increases the lifespan of the block because it can absorb more heat over long periods of time. Thinner salt plates are more likely to break, crack or even explode over extense heat.

Himalayan Pink Salt Slabs by HubSalt can be used in many different ways. They could be used as a serving tray for sushi, cheese, butter, chocolates or even ice cream. They can be heated up and used as a cooking plate on the grill or stove and literally cook anything on it. The salt adds a savory tinge to meats, fish or fresh veggies. Salt Blocks can also be used as building material for salt walls, or salt room spas.

To use as a skillet, you must heat the block for about an hour before cooking.

Low Heat: 20 min.
Medium Heat: 20 min.
High Heat: 20 min.

Sprinkle water on top of the block, if it sizzles, it is ready for cooking.

For serving Ice cream, place block in freezing for an hour before use.


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